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Tutorials and Kits

A natural development into my research concerning robotics is that I am finding several aspects of the industry that are lacking.  This is purely due to the industry being relatively young in terms of availability and access.

One trend that I really appreciate that really helps remove those barriers to entry are all of the individuals and companies who publish and blog about their work and offer tutorials.

Way back when I first started to program, I was forced to teach myself how to do everything.  I quickly discovered that tutorials where going to be my best bet for learning as the tutorials had a tendency to offer complete code.  That is, they where functional and did what they claimed most of the time.  Now that I professionally develop medical applications, I still find myself going back time and time again to the same type of resources.

A close friend of mine and I were having a conversation earlier. We were talking about the various projects we were taking on and the decision was made to try our hand at putting together a few tutorials. Of course projects in robotics differ from code as all the the parts aren’t necessarily available.   Finding the right combination of motors and controllers isn’t always straight forward.  To make our tutorials more effective for those interested in learning from them, we intend to package all of the parts together and offer kits to go along with the tutorials.

I have some fun projects in mind, so this experiment should be interesting. In the mean time, remember to take a look at the resources section as I am starting to gather a nice collection of vendors and tutorials from around the web.