Deciding Where to Get Started

One of the nice aspects about using the Microsoft .NET framework is that I have tons of tested tools to choose from when I put together web applications (that is what I do for a living). That being said, I am constantly trying to figure out what systems are in place within the world of robotics.

So far I have run accross several different platforms, Lego MindStorms, iRobot, Microsoft, as well as a handfull of smaller platforms.  I have also noticed that there are even more types of firmware which leaves me a little overwhelmed when choosing where to get started.

I will probably purchase my first robotics kit sometime in the next month.  I am hoping to find a few more online stores to choose from and will probably email the guys over at Trossen Robotics for their opinions as to where and how to get started.

In the mean time, if anyone has suggestions or is curious about where to find parts and supplies, I am growing my list on my Robotics Resources page.


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