Over the last several years my interest in business and web design led me to programming.  At first it was basic web design. Over time I would take on new projects to learn and now I develop medical applications used by radiologists as well as other web based applications.

To get there I outlined various building blocks and fundamental skills that where needed.  I then tackled them one by one and gradually put them together to accomplish larger tasks.

As some of you know, I have a fascination with robotics.  I grew up destroying (investigating) various electronics such as VCRs and cameras. Occasionally I would even fix one…  I also grew up trying to invent all sorts of things.

Two of my creations included an electronic travel fan and an LED signaling system for my dorm room. The signaling system worked but I don’t recall whether or not it was ever put to use.

Over the last several months I have been putting more and more thought into taking the next step with my programming and to finally make the leap into robotics.  I have decided that a great starting point will be to tackle each element of robotics in bite sized projects like I did when I learned to program.  This time around though I will be blogging about my research so that others may benefit.


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